Brain Gym® Instructor Requirements

Are You Interested in Joining Our Global Community of Licensed Brain Gym Instructor / Consultants?

If so, the first step is to determine which license requirements apply, as they vary depending on country of residence.

1. Residents of Canada or the United States use these requirements  

2. Non-residents of Canada or the the United States need to determine if they live in an Approved Brain Gym® Affiliate area. If so, contact the Affiliate directly for curriculum requirements.

3. Anyone living outside Canada, the United States, or Affiliate Areas will follow what is called the “core curriculum ,”   which contains the basic, essential skills needed to understand, implement, and teach the Brain Gym work.


Final Steps of Licensure

Upon completing the required coursework, new instructors will:

1. Sign the current Instructor/Consultant Agreement 

2. Pay an Annual Licensing Fee to Breakthroughs International (or an Approved Affiliate). Fees are calculated using the Power Purchasing Parity (PPP), which changes annually depending on the GDP of each country.



In order to maintain a valid license, instructors:

  • Complete 48 credits every four years—24 credits must come from the Brain Gym curriculum, which includes courses, conference attendance, forums, or conference recordings. The other 24 may come from either the Brain Gym curriculum or Alternative Credits. There are 7 Alternative Credit with a maximum of 12 credits allowed in each category.
  • Pay an annual fee

Note: Some courses that do not qualify for initial licensure are approved for relicensure, such as the alternative credits 


Important Notes

  • BG 101 is a prerequisite for Level 200 courses and above unless otherwise otherwise specified in the course description.
  • When proceeding through licensure, it is not necessary to complete one level before moving to the next. Be sure to check prerequisites for individual courses.
  • Under licensure requirements, all courses from the Brain Gym® curriculum count towards initial licensure and re-licensure, with the exceptions of Special Interest Application and Pilot courses (see below).
  • Participants are encouraged to experience the work from different instructors and consultants.


Curriculum Level Information

Brain Gym® International courses are categorized into five levels:

  • 100 Level: Introductory courses – present basic movements and processes. Open to all.
  • 200 Level: Intermediate courses – build on the content learned in Brain Gym® 101. Prerequisite is generally BG101.
  • 300 Level: Advanced courses – develop skills for working with others. Prerequisites vary.
  • 400 Level: Professional Courses – deepen the knowledge base of the Brain Gym work for instructors. Generally a valid license is required.
  • 500 Level: Teacher Training courses – prepare licensed instructors to teach other courses on the Brain Gym® curriculum. Requires a valid
  • Brain Gym license in addition to other relevant coursework.
  • Pilot courses are currently in the review process and have not reached full approval yet.
  • Special Interest courses apply the Brain Gym® activities to niche areas.