Here are resources that support the work we do. Some are specific to our programs, while others are complementary or informative.


  • Brain Gym® Teacher’s Edition (2010) by Dennison and Dennison – outlines all 26 Brain Gym® movements and more – designed for teachers and parents.
  • Smart Moves: Why Learning Is Not All In Your Head by Carla Hannaford – Hannaford’s book lays a foundation for how learning occurs.
  • The Executive Brain: Frontal Lobes and the Civilized Mind by Elkhonon Goldberg – Goldberg’s book combines case studies with fascinating information about the frontal lobes and their relationship with the rest of our humanity.
  • The following books were written by Dr. Charles Krebs, creator of the LEAP program: Energetic Kinesiology, A Revolutionary Way of Thinking, and Nutrition for the Brain. Krebs’ books provide insight into his journey into healing with the use of kinesiology and his furthering the practice of kinesiology.
  • The SuperConfitelligent Child: Loving to Learn through Movement and Play by Denise C. Hornbeak, M.S.  – filled with research, stories, and over 100 activities addressing sensory integration and to fill in childrens developmental gaps.
  • Conquer Stress, Feel Alive (2021) by Carlotta Colombo & Roberta Padovese – This BTi-endorsed booklet guides you through a 21-day program of good habits that provide a little support during the stressful moments in life. Available by pay-what-you-can (recommended $10) by contacting


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  • Alphabet 8s chart – These A-4 size charts are are a visual reminder for teaching the Alphabet 8s activity to others. They are not large enough to be a kinesthetic activity. $5 each from
  • Jerry Teplitz Products – Award winning author and speaker, Jerry Teplitz, Ph.D, provides an array of resources including Switched-On Selling, a #1 Best-Seller on Amazon in the sales/selling category.
  • Movement & Mindfulness™ Resources & Curriculum – Products and Curriculum geared to Early Childhood. It combines stories with yoga, creative movement, and Brain Gym (R) adapted self-care / self-regulation techniques.
  • Enhanced Learning – Colorful, high quality teaching and training materials can be found here! They’ll add vibrancy and professionalism to your presentation. Download includes Powerpoint and Keynote versions.
  • Educate Your Brain – A rich Brain Gym resource containing simplified basics, foundational concepts, and inspiring applications, all beautifully described and illustrated with over 70 photographs.
  • TRACETHE8s TM – Three (3) engaging, fun and effective activities created by an Occupational Therapist that assist in integrating, enhancing and refining a large variety of skills.


Charles Krebs on Adoption & Distress

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