We equip people — kids, adults, and seniors alike — with the designed movement techniques to reach goals they never imagined possible.

The Brain Gym® program is a holistic system based on the principles of kinesiology and learning theory, developed by learning specialist Paul E. Dennison, Ph.D. and his wife and partner Gail E. Dennison. Utilizing 26 designed movement activities and related techniques, the Brain Gym system helps people reach their peak performance for life’s most important moments.

The Brain Gym program offers a proven approach that addresses and incorporates the often overlooked physical components of learning — visual, auditory, motor, and stress management skills. What started as a method to help remedial learners become stronger readers, is now a program that has helped thousands of people in over 80 countries around the world discover their peak mental and inner strength.

The Brain Gym® program is made up of 26 activities, along with several other movement-based techniques that help address balance, posture, and coordination skills associated with daily life success. Synchronize your system for better comprehension, focus, organization, communication, and emotional health. You’ll find Brain Gym® being used in schools, corporations, elder facilities, athletic training programs, as well as for personal and professional growth.



Reduce Stress

Eliminate the damaging effects of stress on performance with designed movement exercises to create harmony mentally, emotionally, and physically.


Optimize Performance

Performing everyday on the stage of life is challenging. By cultivating the physical components of learning — visual, auditory, motor, and stress management skills — you can perform at your peak with ease and joy.


Achieve your Goals

Our framework allows you to develop a reliable set of tools to align your whole body, mind, and spirit towards reaching the goals in your life, at your own pace, and in your own way.



Do you worry about your child’s ability to reach their fullest potential? Do they struggle in school either academically, with behavior issues, or low self-esteem?

The Brain Gym program offers the tools to succeed in the important moments in life, whether that be a math test, recital, sports game, or homecoming dance. Our practices are specifically designed to be easy, fun, and understandable for kids of any age! Over the past decades, we’ve seen the Brain Gym program help kids reach goals they never imagined possible, with the tools to unlock their peak performance and confidence. We’re here to show your kids that everything they need to feel better and do better is inside them.

Educators & Therapists

Do you have difficulty getting kids ready to focus and learn? Do you notice some children especially struggling with schoolwork or acting out and wish you had tools to support them to reach their peak potential?

We can help you work with your students or clients in different way to reach their goals — often a welcome departure from conventional learning. Peak performance requires three things: clear goals, the confidence to reach them, and whole body alignment. Equip your learning environment with fun, easy movement-based practices. Over the past decades, our instructors have helped kids all over the world reach goals they never imagined possible. We’re confident we can help you do the same.


Are you worried about cognitive decline in your later years? Do you feel overwhelmed or stressed when it comes to showing up confidently for the important moments in life due to memory, balance, or cognitive challenges?

You deserve to fully enjoy life’s most important moments. The Brain Gym program offers designed movement practices helping you reduce stress, improve performance, and achieve your goals. The Brain Gym system can help keep your mind sharp and agile. Over the last 40 years, we’ve helped elders from all over the world live more confident, easeful, and satisfying lives. We’re confident we can help you do the same.