Heal Your Childhood and Uplevel Your Child’s Life with Developmental Kinesiology

Developmental Kinesiology focuses on early childhood development. It’s no secret that childhood shapes our lives. It impacts our relationships, our work, and our overall well-being. But did you know that there is a connection between the physiological gaps in development we may have experienced in our first few years and the challenges we experience later?

Identifying those gaps and addressing them using Developmental Kinesiology will allow you to more fully connect with your inner strength and energy, pursue projects that are dear to your heart, and establish clarity in relationships, and in life.

Explore everything you and your loved ones can be with Developmental Kinesiology!

Developmental Kinesiology is registered with the Educational Kinesiology Foundation / Breakthroughs International. It is based in Germany where it was founded by Renate Wennekes, and therefore availability of practitioners may be limited. However, classes are taught worldwide and many Brain Gym instructors have had some coursework.