Annual International Conferences

Each annual conference brings new experiences, new connections, and new growth. The conference team is different every year, which means each one has its own flavor and individuality—making it memorable for years to come. Our conferences bring me joy. I am filled every year with appreciation for being part of such a heartfelt organization filled with some of the most compassionate people I know. People from around the world take time out of their busy lives to immerse themselves in a journey with kinesiologists. There is something for everyone whether new, novice, or expert! Join us for lifelong learning, optimal living, and fun!

~ Kari Coady, Executive Director

September 29 – October 02, 2022:

The 2022 BTi Annual Conference will be hosted by Brain Gym France in the Bordeaux region of France. The conference will be held in a hybrid format (both In-Person and Online) in both French and English.

From the Conference Team:

For so many years and in so many countries, the Breakthroughs International (BTi) programs have been supporting men, women, and children to use more of their skills to learn, organize, comprehend, and ultimately create – create their lives, create their environment, and the connection between them.

Creating allows us to continuously dream, play, explore, reinvent, and always learn from our experiences. With the practice of the BTi modalities, we enable more movement to support creativity and we instill more creativity back into our movements.

The contribution of artistic practices through our programs is nourishing and joyful. Today, artistic practices and movement-based activities complete each other, through mutual support and development, by providing gentle madness, joyful exploration, and flexible structure throughout our daily lives.

We invite you to collaborative creativity, to color the world, to dance and sing in order to see the bigger picture, to be creators, to be bright stars.

Timezone: Lacanau, France
Theme: Creativity in Motion