Unlock the power of Energetic Kinesiology by gaining
the understanding and techniques to lead you confidently into this growing
and powerful field of healing.

Your on-line Pre-LEAP Manual covers in detail the following topics presented by Dr Krebs in the video:

  1. The role of Kinesiology and Energetic Kinesiology
  2. Core Concepts in Kinesiology
    a.  Muscle States and Homeostasis
    b. Origins & Concepts of Powers Of Stress
    c.  Specific Indicator Points & Finger Modes
    d.  Acupressure Formatting
    e.  Pause Lock (including Jaw Lock & Stacking)
  3. Access to high definition online video hosted by renowned Kinesiologist, Dr Charles Krebs – to watch any time and as many times as you like.
  4. An online Pre-LEAP Manual with full explanations and procedure steps which you can view as many times as you like.
  5. Support and guidance on the LEAP Foundation Training through our LEAP Facebook community
  6. The Pre-LEAP Quiz with certificate of completion, suitable for framing.

Additional Benefits

  • Completes the prerequisite for beginning your LEAP Foundation Training.
  • Builds your skills, understanding, and confidence in the application of Kinesiology techniques
  • Provides tools for accurately assessing a client’s muscle feedback to ensure you’re addressing the core issues being presented, resulting in long term resolution.
  • Allows you to enhance people’s lives and assist them to reach their true potential.


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