the movement based learning approach

Movement Based Learning grew out of research revolving around kinesiology, movement patterns and developmental reflexes.

Babies and young children naturally perform what early childhood education experts call developmental movements, which foster the neural connections in the brain, and are essential to learning. These foundational pieces of learning, the infant reflexes and developmental movement patterns, all play a part in the physical and mental growth of a human being.

The Movement Based Learning program assists general and special education teachers, occupational therapists, physical therapists, parents, caregivers, and more to better understand these reflexes and developmental movement patterns, along with their effects on learning. The program teaches adults to work with differently-abled people by showing how to observe postural and behavioral cues. Once this information is gathered, a movement program is developed that will enhance a more integrated way of learning. This allows the person to accomplish their goals in life with greater ease.


In 1979, Cecilia “Cece” Koester, M.Ed. began working with children and adults of all abilities ranging from those with neuro typical development to those with severe handi-capabilities and everything in between. Over her illustrious career, and using inspiration from her work with the Brain Gym program, Cecilia Koester developed a movement-based learning curriculum that addresses the needs of those who are differently abled.

Starting in 1998,Cecilia began teaching workshops around the world based on the curriculum she developed, which specialized in teaching adults how to work with any child or adult challenged with daily activities. Her greatest gift was her ability to show the participant how and where to begin, and what to do next.

Cecilia’s lifelong drive was to help people of all abilities improve the connection between their bodies and minds. Upon her passing in October 2020, she gifted her Movement Based Learning program to Breakthroughs International to carry on her incredible work and legacy.


  • And remember, let us begin...begin to make a difference in a person’s life.