Brain Gym® Movement Facilitator Curriculum

In order to become a Licensed Brain Gym® Movement Facilitator:

1. Complete the Following Coursework:

  • Brain Gym® 101
  • Brain Gym® 104: Brain Gym 26 Movements
  • 26 Case Studies (outlined in BG104)
  • Brain Gym® 110: 26 Movement Facilitator Training

2. Sign the Movement Facilitator Agreement

3. Pay an annual fee of $100/year to Breakthroughs International or an Approved Affiliate.

  • These fees are calculated using the Power Purchasing Parity (PPP). For example: $100 US may be $50 in one country, and $75 in another depending on the GDP of each country.
  • The PPP changes every year, which causes variance in the fee from one year to the next.