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“When I initially began using Brain Gym in my flute teaching, I used the activities as a warm-up at the start of each lesson. One day with a student, I realised that there was much more to using Brain Gym during a lesson than that. Nicole was working on playing with a big, centred, rich sound. She played the passage of music in this new way and it was just lovely! She was so pleased. I asked her to play it one more time, so both of us could have the pleasure of listening to it again. But she could not get it right. Try as she might, the new sound was nowhere to be found!

Then it struck me, the realisation really struck me, that she was out of balance. The effort of doing it the right way had created a new stress. So we found out what Brain Gym movements she needed to do for herself to get back into balance. When she played the passage again, it was just as beautiful as it had been the first time.

This was a powerful experience for both of us – for Nicole because of what she’d achieved; for me because I realised that a student won’t necessarily stay in balance all the way through a lesson just because they’ve done Brain Gym at the start of the lesson.”

– Deborah Knott, Australia