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Jill Hewlett

Brain Gym
Brain Gym® Movement Facilitator
Toronto, Ontario
Area of Expertise
  • Corporate Trainings
  • Mental health (anxiety, depression, fears)
  • Personal health & well-being

Jill Hewlett is a nationally recognized speaker, author, Brain Fitness Expert & wellness authority.

Combining user-friendly neuroscience and inspired common sense strategies, Jill draws out the natural leadership, resources and resilience in individuals and organizations to support them in achieving greater levels of productivity, wellness and success.

You may have seen Jill as a featured guest expert on various TV and radio stations across Canada, giving real life examples and real life solutions to the mental health and wellness issues that are on the rise today.

For a decade, Jill produced and hosted her own Wellness TV series which began as a grassroots project and expanded, eventually achieving a viewership of over one million people.

Jill is the author of two books, “Common Sense…Uncommonly Practised” and “Uncommon Sense…Put Into Practise”; highly inspiring and readable reflections on how others might identify and apply everyday wisdom and nurturance to their life path.

Filling a call for wellness education in her community, almost two decades ago Jill founded the Women’s Wellness Circles. This initiative has blossomed into multiple locations that she trains and mentors nationwide.

By participating in Jill's keynote and training sessions, you will be equipped with the information, motivation and tools, to proactively build your Fit Brain & Fit Life!