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Jacque Mooney

Instructor, Practitioner, Advisory Board
Brighton East, Australia, VIC
Area of Expertise
  • Learning challenges
  • Mental health (anxiety, depression, fears)
  • Personal health & well-being

Jacque was born in British Columbia, Canada where she studied Education at University of Victoria, and worked prior to moving to Australia in 1977. Jacque transitioned to the Travel and Tourism industry, where she subsequently spent 10 years which led to her instructing in Travel and Tourism at Sydney TAFE.
After moving to Melbourne in 1990, Jacque worked through a bereavement hospital as a grief counsellor, where she found her calling which was to assist people in a state of chaos or transition.
Jacque was introduced to Charles Krebs (PhD) by a mutual friend, which inspired her to study the field of Kinesiology. Jacque was particularly interested in working and helping children with learning difficulties using Kinesiology which was the field of Dr Krebs’ speciality. Jacque completed a two-year integrated program with Dr Krebs. She later continued to complete a 2 year Diploma in Health Sciences - Holistic Kinesiology.
Since 1993, Jacque has been a full time Kinesiology Practitioner, and joined Dr. Krebs in his private practice.
In addition to Kinesiology, Jacque has studied energetic modalities including, Bowen and NOT (Neural Organisation Technique). As well as balancing physical and emotional stresses, Jacque specialises in working with the brain, learning problems and overall performance enhancement with children and adults.
Jacque is the Australian Faculty Member, Instructor and Instructor Trainer for Applied Physiology, including Anatomy and Physiology of the Brain, LEAP Brain Integration 1-7 Workshops, Simply the Brain (STB) and for Stress Indicator Points (SIPS). Jacque is the developer, instructor and instructor trainer for Simply the Brain Workshops and is an International Presenter and Instructor.

• Certificate of Applied Physiology
• Dip. Health Sciences - Holistic Kinesiology
• Advanced Certificate LEAP, STB, SIPS, N.O.T., N.S.T.
• Bowen Practitioner
• Member AKA (Level 6) - Specialist Kinesiology Practitioner
• Board Member AKACAB (Course Accreditation Board)
• past Board Member AKAPRB (Practitioner Registration Board)
• past Board Member AKA National Committee
• Member ATMS (Aust Traditional Medical Society)