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Lucy N. French, PT, M.Ed

Brain Gym
Instructor, Consultant
Plymoth, Michigan
Area of Expertise
  • Early Childhood Education
  • Learning challenges
  • Sports

I am a Physical Therapist with a Masters degree in Education with an emphasis on early childhood and special needs. I have 30 plus years of experience in the public school system working with students who are challenged educationally, emotionally and physically as well as with their fabulous staffs [teachers, para-educators, OTs, Speech Pathologists, Social Workers, Principals and lunch room ladies]. I teach Brain Gym 101 (BG101)and 104 (The 26 Movements), Optimal Brain Organization (OBO201), and Hands On [Brain Gym in The Classroom] (HO106) . I consult with National Champion
Competitive Synchronized Skating Teams; as well as consulting with a variety of other sports ; both teams and individual participants. My consulting list includes but is not necessarily limited to: theatrical performers; Job Applicants; Marching bands;
high school athletes for performance readiness and ease. I love life coaching folks to explore the possibilities and reach their goals !