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Andrea Riem

Roodepoort, Gauteng
Area of Expertise
  • Learning challenges
  • Mental health (anxiety, depression, fears)
  • Trauma

Andrea Riem is a wife and mom of two. She works as an Educational Kinesiologist, Brain Gym® and Movement based learning practitioner and trainer in Johannesburg South Africa. Andrea is the author of the children’s book “How Iggy Healed His Heart”.
She has an incredible ability to interact with children and adults from a space they are comfortable and assist them to shift positively by breaking through personal blocks to enable them to reach their potential. Andrea’s writing brings a wonderful teaching element through a story, teaching life-lessons and teaching tools to children on how to cope with life challenges. Simple and practical tips that can be used by all readers young and old.

Andrea has always had a deep passion for helping and supporting others, especially children. With an innate desire to make a positive difference in the lives of everyone she meets. Her caring nature and passion for her work emanates through her writing, as well as to her facilitated sessions. Andrea’s purpose is being able to help others unlock their potential and walk into a happy, loving and fulfilling life.
Andrea has been practicing Brain Gym® since 2009 and she has worked many years in the Corporate environment with over 12 years’ experience within the very fast paced Telecommunications environment specialising in Employee Engagement, Employee Wellness and Internal Communications.
Andrea assists businesses, adults and children to connect with their full potential through Brain Gym® and Educational Kinesiology (Edu-K). A special focus on reflex integration. A student of MNRI® (Masgutova Neurosensorimotor Reflex Integration) Method.