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Felecia Pease

Brain Gym
Instructor, Consultant, BTi Board Member
Kingfield, Maine
Area of Expertise
  • Disabilities
  • Early Childhood Education
  • Elementary Education

Felecia L. L. Pease first met her mentor, Beth Stoddard, at a workshop Beth was presenting on Brain Gym®. Those two hours changed her life and how she would interact with students and adults in her school. As a successful school administrator of a school that is both a National Blue Ribbon School - 2005 and a National Title I School - 2011 in rural Maine, Brain Gym® assists in helping all to do their best where the school motto is: "Where the Best Get Better."

Certified as a licensed Brain Gym® Instructor/Consultant in August of 2013, Felecia has presented at the CCSME Conference in Maine; for parent groups; at workshop days for school districts; as a speaker at The Common Ground Fair and at workshops through adult education.

Felecia is a certified elementary classroom teacher, 1980, and earned her masters in educational administration, 1987. She has been in education for 38 years with 33 of those as an administrator. She works with students in her school with music and invites them to use the Brain Gym® learning menu.
Felecia is licensed to teach BG 104, BG 101 and Dominance Factor.