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Jeannie Lundgard

Brain Gym
Edmonton, Alberta
Area of Expertise
  • Elementary Education
  • Learning challenges
  • Seniors

Jeannie Lundgard has been using Brain Gym with her special education classes since the early 1990s with great success. Jeannie has also provided workshops for parents and colleagues in the schools and at Professional Development Days which in turn have benefitted children. She knows this as teachers will stop her and say, "I still use that Brain Gym you taught us" and most of the time it is PACE. She continues to learn ways to assist with student success. Educational Kinesiology alongside other strategies for learning such as screening for Irlen's Syndrome (if needed) and teaching Cognitive Ability Patterning techniques can all be utilized . Jeannie completed her Masters Degree in Counselling from the University of Ottawa and in 1989 became a Registered Psychologist with the Psychologist Association of Alberta/College of Alberta Psychologists continuing to work with children in her school district. With over thirty-five years of experience, Jeannie made the decision to retire from the school system and continues to provide a variety of 'learning' workshops to educators and families on Brain Gym and other strategies through what she refers to as WELL (Ways to Enhance Learning for Life). Her Website is presently under construction.