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Dynell Weinthal

Brain Gym
San Diego, California
Area of Expertise
  • Early Childhood Education
  • Personal health & well-being
  • Seniors

Dynell: Dancer, Choreographer, Educational Kinesiologist and Brain Gym® Consultant/Instructor, Family Educator, obtained her BS from SDSU in 1995 in Child and Family Studies, master plan within major on how movement affects the brain and learning.

Dynell has designed an array of movement and brain programs since 1993.

Dynell does workshops and facilitates individual sessions that facilitate college students so they can achieve their goals. Calming Test anxiety, Tackling difficult subjects, ADD/ADHD, Improving learning difficulties, Essay writing, Creative Writing, Improved Balance Coordination for Sports, Visual Arts, Music, Theatre Arts, Stage Fright, Self Esteem, Learning Styles and More.

Using movement activities and family education, Dynell empowers families and couples by giving them the tools to become a communicative, stable and unified team.

She created an all level fully inclusive music and movement program that improves tracking, sensory integration, balance, large and fine motor movement and other cognitive, emotional, social and physical functioning.

She developed and implemented a Developmental Play program. Ages infant to three. Hogar Infantil La Gloria, Mexico.

She implemented Movement based Parent Participation classes. Including a program to strengthen crawling. BIBS Early Childhood program.

Dynell Introduced movement based learning through Creative Dramatics at the elementary level.

She created and presented Movement and Play, the Secret to Brain Development in the Young Child. And Q's and A's of Early Childhood at the CHN Family Expo Conference.

Dynell addresses the specific challenges older adults face such as physical balance and walking, memory, decision making, transitions, focus, loneliness, loss of self worth, and overcoming hurdles to reach their life goals.

Her motto is: Life begins again at every stage and every age. Live Fully.

Her clients include: college students, teachers, massage therapists, recreational therapists, lawyers, writers, seniors, dancers, musicians, artists, actors, athletes, families, couples, and those seeking improved learning, communication, focus, sense of calm, balance and coordination.

Currently, Dynell is in private practice as an Educational Kinesiologist and Brain Gym® Consultant/Instructor and Family Educator. She continues to bring her knowledge of movement and adapt it to best suit each situation and individual so you can better reach your goals.

Dynell Weinthal