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All Instructor/Consultants are licensed to teach Brain Gym 101. Instructor/Consultants with Letter Codes following their names have additional teaching certifications, as follows:

(B)=Optimal Brain Organization (E)=Brain Gym for Educators (M)=Movement Dynamics (V)=VisionCircles
(G)=Switched-On Golf (S)=Switched-On Selling (N)=Switched-On Network Marketing (A)=Switched-On Management
(D)=Double Doodle Play (I)=In Depth (P)=Practicum (SP)=Brain Gym for Special Education Providers
(DF)=Dominance Factor (IS)=In Synch (H)=Hands On
wdt_ID Course Code Course Name Course Overview Course Duration
2 LEAP-FT 3 LEAP-Foundation Training 3 - Glial Cells (LEAP-FT 3) Integrating the Second Half of the Nervous System !
There are only two (2) cell types in the Nervous System – Glial Cells & Neurons.
While Glial Cells out-number Neurons by 40 to 100 times, it was believed they only provided a matrix and passive support for Neuron function, and Neurons did all the Neurotransmission! However, recent discoveries show that the Glial Cells – the other half of the Nervous System - are actively involved in Neurotransmission as well as Neurons!
In LEAP-FT 3 you will learn the Glial cells are involved in :
* forming the Blood Brain Barrier,
* Scarring
* Environmental toxins
* Memory
* Brain Immune system
* Brain Environmental regulation
* Brain tumors and imbalances in the brain
* Cerebral spinal fluid production/distribution & the cerebral spinal fluid brain barrier
* transduction of mental decisions into neuronal action
* nerve repair and wound healing,
* myelination in the Peripheral and Central Nervous Systems
* Hormone effects
* Emotional stress effects on Glial Cell Neurotransmission, and brain synchrony.
So, you can have 100% Neuronal Integration and little Glial Cell Integration or vice versa. Up to this point, LEAP had only been doing Neuronal Integration when both Neuronal & Glial Cell Integration is complete – you get some truly remarkable results not possible before!
4 days
3 LEAP-FT 2 LEAP-Foundation Training 2 - Survival Systems (LEAP-FT 2) This course delves deeply into the structure and function of the Brainstem and the primary systems underlying our physiological, psychological and behavioral function. It is these powerful brainstem systems that provide for our physiological homeostasis, physical and psycho-emotional survival, allow us to filter the relevant data from the sea of incoming sensory sensations swamping our nervous system. Each system is covered in-depth and how each system relates to our physical, emotional and mental performance. Learn more in-depth Acupressure Formatting to access stress and balance these important basal brain functions so important for our survival and learning.
Topics include;
* Introduction to Brainstem Anatomy & functions of regions including the Reticulating Activating System (RAS).
* Learn to format & balance Commissures;
- Anterior Commissure, Amygdala Commissure, Anterior Thalamic Nucleus & Hippocampal Commissure
* Understand how to work with Emotions-Trust & Appreciation & Fear of Failure/Success with the Commissures.
* The PVSS - controlling our behavioural and physiological responses to Fight/Flight and where we store past trauma and Deep Survival Switching.
* The 3 Pillars - taking Deep Survival Switching to a new level -integrating with Chakras and the Endocrine system to provide a stable physical and emotional structure.

LEAP FT 2 - Survival Systems is invaluable for all general Kinesiology & LEAP FT 1 students & practitioners to deepen your understanding & presenting issues in your clinical practice.

3 days
4 BI 3 Brain Integration 3 The neurology and function of the auditory and visual systems is covered in-depth including the neurology of hearing and vision. Auditory integration & pathways, visual integration & pathways, control of eye movement,, internal integration of sight & sound, visual & cerebellar integration of eye-hand coordination, physical body integration, brain integration exercises, and brain integration correction protocols. 6 days.
5 BI 4 Brain Integration 4 Covers the exciting and amazing memory systems of the brain. The neurology and function of all aspects of the Explicit or Conscious Memory System including the Reward and Punishment systems are covered in-depth. BI 4 also introduces a single Brain Integration Correction Protocol, allowing rapid correction of many aspects of learning and memory problems. Anatomy & physiology of the memory systems, hippocampus (reward & punishment / auditory short term memory / the senses), parahippocampus and long term memory, working memory, and review of brain anatomy and physiology 6 days.
6 LEAP Health - ELECTIVE LEAP-Health (old LEAP BI 5) Provides an in-depth understanding of the major Environmental Factors that may disrupt integrated Brain function, Health & well-being. Undertand the theory behind each Environmental factor and how and why they affect brain function, health and the Acupressure Formatting to access stress and balance each of these factors is provided.

Environmental factors and stress related to:
Hydration, Electromagnetic Radiation, Allergies, Sensitivities / Intolerances, toxins / Vaccinations; Diet and Nutrition to support optimum brain integration, Geopathic stress Candida and other parasites - all of which can affect our Brain function and general health status.
4 days
7 BI LL A&C Brain Integration Assessment & Correction Core concepts of the cognitive functions underlying academic performance, understanding perceptual-motor development, review of anatomy & physiology of memory systems, assessing and correcting auditory & short-term memory / visual short-term memory / visuospatial skills alphabet & numbers / writing, assessing and correcting reading as it relates to scotopic sensitivity / eusophoria / colored gel procedure / comprehension, assessing and correcting spelling / mathematics, and defusing negative attitudes affecting performance, learning, self-confidence, and self-esteem 6 days.
9 LEAP-FT 1 LEAP-Foundation Training 1 - Brain Integration & Stress (LEAP-FT 1) A powerful start to LEAP providing you with an understanding of the LEAP Model of Brain Integration, an introduction to neurology, overview of structure and function of the Brain, learn how to work with the Amygdala the Sentinel of our Survival System, and unique to LEAP, is learning to uncover & resolve Survival Switching and Deep Survival Switching with Psychological Reversal and discover the Celestial Circuit, a totally unique LEAP procedure that was developed by Dr. Krebs, provides a broad-based balance of the energetic & brain structure and functions, integrating and balancing many areas of brain function in one balance.

Gain an introduction to :
* Brain structure and function
* Gestalt and Logic “Lead” functions
* The Amygdala Fear/Pain Control Circuit (our Survival Circuits).
* Deep Survival Switching – the cause of delayed language development, Psychological Reversals and Conflicts
* Blocked Corpus Callosum Pathways that can cause the loss of Brain Integration and affect our ability to resolve challenges rather than react to them
* Celestial Circuit – under stress, we sometime split off or dissociate so it can be difficult to locate imbalances. Aligns all our energy structures so we balance to a core, stable energy system

LEAP-FT 1 Brain Integration & Stress is a must for all general Kinesiologists to enhance your results in clinical practice.
4 Days
11 LEAP-FT 4 LEAP- Foundation Training 4 - Mental & Emotional Modulatory Systems (LEAP-FT4) The cerebellum is as much an Emotional and Mental Modulatory Structure as it is a Motor Modulatory Structure.
Gain deeper undertansding on the Three Brain Systems that control our behavior and reflect the development of control systems for Survival at all three (3) levels of “survival.
Learn how the Emotional and Mental modulatory roles of the Cerebellum plays in brain function at both the mental and psycho-emotional levels.
Dive deep into Emotional Modulatory Circuits which are driven by subconscious Limbic areas such as the Anterior Cingulate Gyrus (ACG) and how it modulates the expression of "triggered” survival emotions (e.g., Fear or Anger) via “adjusting” the expression of their survival emotions to meet social-cultural “norms”.
Understand the pivotal role Mental modulation of survival emotions work with the Anterior Cingulate Gyrus (ACG) and Prefrontal Cortices, including the Dorsal Lateral Frontal Cortices (DLFC) on the ability to “think” and “reason”.

* The anatomy the Reticulating Activating System (RAS) and RAS nuclei and along their primary functions
* The RAS for maintaining arousal, vigilance, and waking consciousness and role in modulatory functions
* The Anatomy and Connectivity of the Cerebellum
* Emotional Modulatory Systems that modulate and regulate the expression of emotional experiences
* The Mental Modulatory Systems that modulate and regulate the expression of mental processing
..... and more!!

3 days
Course Code Course Name Course Overview Course Duration