We support people of all abilities and ages, especially the differently-abled, to reach their goals with greater
ease – whether walking, talking, self-feeding, reading, organizing tasks, communicating, and more. Our hope is
to bring the gifts of independence, self-control, and self-management to everyone we work with.

Learn how to address important developmental patterns, fine-tune your skills of observing
postural and behavioral cues, and find out how to create an effective movement based strategy to
support those with special capabilities.

Let’s start creating positive changes in the lives of the kids and adults we work with.


  • This course is very helpful in giving hands-on exercises to activate the learning process. Teachers are given tools to help optimal learning occur. I’ve learned to be more aware of my own body. I have come to realize the amazing connection between my body and my mind. This course provided a structure for me to achieve greater clarity and experience many insights––things came together. The attention to detail that makes movement-based learning so much more comprehensible will greatly improve the effectiveness of the work I am doing.

    Pamela, Psychologist