Breakthroughs International Summit 2024: LET’S SAY YES!!


Immerse yourself in a day (or two!) of dynamic collaboration with colleagues and friends as we strengthen our global community, celebrate successes, and imagine a future brimming with possibilities.

Let’s Say YES! – to innovation, to transformative thinking, and to new connections — through balancing, moving, and synergistic dialogues.

Live streaming translated captions for the whole event!

We will share:

  • Innovation
  • Transformative thinking
  • Connections
  • Inspiration
  • Synergy
  • 00 days
  • 00 hours
  • 00 minutes
  • 00 seconds

… days left Until the Summit!!

Engage in Transformative Discussions

The Summit is the perfect space for co-creation and connection

It includes a variety of activities where participants share their knowledge, find solutions to their inquiries and the future.

Activities include:

Roundtable Discussions

Engage with fellow attendees in small groups to exchange your thoughts and experiences. These sessions are designed to be interactive and thought-provoking, allowing for everyone to learn from, and be inspired by, each other.

Panel Discussions

Join our expert panelists as they share their perspectives and innovations while navigating this post-pandemic era. These discussions are engaging and informative, providing you with valuable insights and new ideas to support you in moving into the future both personally and professionally.

Coffee and Tea Breaks

A perfect opportunity to see what challenges and celebrations are facing fellow participants. Come deepen connections and create new relationships that will last long after the summit. This is a time to listen and to be heard.

Moving and Shaking Fun

These interactive short sessions are our movement breaks. Get up! Move and shake your way to relaxation and recharging so you can maintain your engagement and participation throughout the Summit.

Summit Agenda

12 July / 14 July 2024

The Summit will be offered twice, on 12 July & 14 July 2024, running the same agenda, to accommodate different timezones and invite more participation.

Feel free to attend either one – or BOTH , if you wish to connect with people from different areas around the world.

Including a special treat from Dr. Paul E. Dennison and Gail E. Dennison!!


Summit Registration Fee

12 July / 14 July 2024

Each day is an investment of $100.

Join the two days for a reduced fee of $150!!!

Summit Schedule for Different Regions

12 July / 14 July 2024

Search for your time slot below or use these links to check the time in your own country

World Summit Schedule

Day 1: July 12th

Time Zone Schedule
Los Angeles (PDT) 20:00 - 05:00 (13 Jul)
New York (EDT) 23:00 - 08:00 (13 Jul)
London (BST) 04:00 - 13:00 (13 Jul)
Paris (CEST) 05:00 - 14:00 (13 Jul)
Mexico City (CST) 21:00 - 06:00 (13 Jul)
Buenos Aires (ART) 00:00 - 09:00 (13 Jul)
Beijing (CST) 11:00 - 20:00 (13 Jul)
Tokyo (JST) 12:00 - 21:00 (13 Jul)
Sydney (AEST) 13:00 - 22:00 (13 Jul)
World Summit Schedule

Day 2: July 14th

Time Zone Schedule
Los Angeles (PDT) 09:00 - 18:00
New York (EDT) 12:00 - 21:00
London (BST) 17:00 - 02:00 (15 Jul)
Paris (CEST) 18:00 - 03:00 (15 Jul)
Mexico City (CST) 10:00 - 19:00
Buenos Aires (ART) 13:00 - 22:00
Beijing (CST) 00:00 - 09:00 (15 Jul)
Tokyo (JST) 01:00 - 10:00 (15 Jul)
Sydney (AEST) 02:00 - 11:00 (15 Jul)

Frequently Asked Questions

Will I get credits from attending the Summit?

Absolutely, and double credits if you attend both days.

Will the Summit be translated?

Yes, through live streaming translated captions.

If the 2 days have the same agenda, what is the gain attending both days?

Attending both days offers unique benefits such as exposure to different panelists and audiences from around the world, enhanced networking opportunities, reinforced learning from dynamic discussions, and a variety of interactive sessions. Each day provides new perspectives and deeper insights, making the experience rich and comprehensive.

Will it be recorded?

Most parts of the Summit will be recorded. Available recordings are included in the registration fee for the applicable date. For those not planning on attending the event, recordings will be made available at a later date for a fee (TBD).

When does registration close?

05 July 2024 at 23:59 (midnight)

When can I expect to receive the Zoom links?

Between 8-10 July 2024

What is the refund policy?

Full refund if cancelled by 30 June 2024; 50% refund if cancelled after.

Why is there a fee to attend?

Although there are some similarities on the agenda to our other free online events offered throughout the year, this particular event is on a much larger scale AND it serves as one of our nonprofit organization’s primary fundraisers for 2024.

Who do I contact with questions?

We will be happy to answer any question at