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Lucie Papikova

Brain Gym
Geneva, Switzerland
Area of Expertise
  • Corporate Trainings
  • Personal health & well-being
  • Trauma

Lucie Papikova, MA, is a Swiss certified kinesiologist, stress therapist, Brain Gym and Double Doodle Play teacher, and AMSTAR instructor. She has been practicing holistic health since 2011.

Her professional training includes Educational kinesiology (Brain Gym and Brain Gym in Depth), AMSTAR (Trauma Release Technique), Maïeusthesie, NeuroTraining (such as Blue Print and Occular mouvements), Emotional Stress Release techniques, Touch for Health, Harmonic kinesiology, Wellness Kinesiology, and 3 in 1: One Brain.

She is the co-founder of Brain Gym Suisse (Switzerland) Association (since 2017) and its President since January 2019.

She offers individual, couple and family sessions in person and online in English, French, and Czech. Her practices are located in Europe, in Switzerland (Geneva, Zürich) and in the Czech Republic (Prague). She teaches Brain Gym 101, Brain Gym 104, Double Doodle Play and AMSTAR in English and in French.

Lucie is a highly skilled professional holding 3 Masters degrees and speaking 6 languages with a backgroud of 12+ years of experience in corporate environment.