Sonya Sommerville

Brain Gym
Brain Gym® Movement Facilitator, Instructor, Consultant
West Montrose, Ontario
Area of Expertise
  • Elementary Education
  • High School Education
  • Learning challenges

Sonya’s background in science, and a lifelong interest in the brain and learning, led her to research, study, and then successfully homeschool her dyslexic children from JK through High School to University. She has always firmly believed in the importance of movement to learning, and BRAIN GYM® gave her the structure and tools to more effectively understand and deliberately develop that link with focus on specific goals. She now teaches BRAIN GYM® so others can use movement to discover their innate intelligence and explore new ways of thinking and learning. Sonya also privately tutors students with reading challenges, incorporating BRAIN GYM® with Fast ForWord® and other proven techniques to develop fluent readers.