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Carlo Cannistraro

Brain Gym
Instructor, Consultant
Portobuffole, Treviso
Area of Expertise
  • Learning challenges
  • Mental health (anxiety, depression, fears)
  • Personal health & well-being

Doctor of Physiotherapy, Osteopath, Creator O.R.F.I.®, RMTi® Instructor, Laughter Yoga® Instructor, Yogalign® Instructor, Bioanalogy® Consultant, Biokinesiology of Beliefs® Instructor, Visual Educator Bates method Instructor, Certified in the Tomatis® level 1 .
Portobuffolè - TV, Italy Email:

Since childhood Carlo Cannistraro wanted to be a pediatrician. However, life, due to family problems, allowed him to do only 3 years of Medicine and Surgery. In order not to waste energy and for contiguity of studies, Carlo enrolled in Udine for the three years as a Rehabilitation Therapist and then graduated in Physiotherapy at the University of Chieti in 2005.
Since 1987, recognizing the limits of conventional medicine in the rehabilitation field, he has been interested in vibrational medicine, making countless experiences in the energy field such as Reiki and becoming an EFT instructor, Master in Thin Energy. In the rehabilitation field he has done numerous courses in Italy and abroad, graduating in 1994 osteopath at the Italian Institute of Osteopathy in Milan. For years he has been interested in divulging his knowledge in various fields linked above all to health: vaccinations, organ donations, what doctors do not say and information related to the difficulties that parents encounter in managing their children when they are proposed to use a plantar rather than an orthodontic appliance, thus allowing people to re-evaluate the use of their common sense and instinct, with the intention of making them regain their freedom of choice and therapeutic responsibility.
To date, the osteopathic training continues, integrating it with all the knowledge learned in more than 35 years of professional experience. Carlo organizes seminars on Five Biological Laws, Bates method, TRE®, Laughter Yoga®, Yogalign®, Biokinesiology of Beliefs®, Bioanalogy®, Knowing Thin Energy, RMTi® or a work on Primitive Reflexes and more. Creator of O.R.F.I.®, a Thin Path to Freedom. Writer and lecturer.