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Kelsey Fox Bennett Boyd

Brain Gym
Instructor, Consultant
Area of Expertise
  • Early Childhood Education
  • Elementary Education
  • Personal health & well-being

Kelsey Fox Bennett Boyd, M.Ed., was born in a small town in the Rocky Mountains of Colorado and now lives and works in New York City.

Due to an early childhood illness and the gift of living in the same town as Colleen Gardner (one of the first ever licensed Brain Gym Instructors) she grew up with Brain Gym as part of her everyday life. It supported her mentally and physically with school and sports, but even more so emotionally as she navigated life after her parents' divorce, a large combined step family, watching a friend get hit by a car and die, and childhood sexual abuse. Her intention is to share the tools and support she received with others so that they can feel safe and capable no matter what they may face.

Kelsey works with all ages and abilities, with a specialty in working with the Highly Sensitive. She holds a Masters of Education from Lesley University and is a licensed Brain Gym Instructor and Consultant. In addition to being an Educator and Consultant, Kelsey is also an Author. Her children's picture book, "Arya & Everyone Else's Feelings," is available for preorders on her website.

While Kelsey has always been passionate about working with children (both in groups as a Movement Specialist Teacher and through one-on-one Brain Gym Sessions), she quickly realized that to effectively support kids, she needed to also support the adults who care for them. This has led her to teach and work privately with educators, healers, parents, and caregiving humans in all forms - helping them support others as well as nurture their own inner child, learn with greater ease, and rewire belief systems that are no longer serving them.

Kelsey's work is complimented with spiritual practices (Celtic ceremonies in connection with her ancestry, Angel Card training and more) and anti-racist education and awareness. She helps her clients reduce stress in their body and reconnect areas of their brain so they can rewire outdated patterns and accomplish their goals with greater ease and joy.

Learn more at or on Instagram at @kelseyfoxbennettboyd.