Noraini Mahmood

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Brain Gym Program
Brain Gym® Movement Facilitator, Instructor, Consultant, Faculty Intern
Budaiya, Bahrain
Area of Expertise
  • Elementary Education
  • Learning challenges
  • Personal health & well-being

Noraini Mahmood has been the director and founder/owner of Brain Body Dynamics in Bahrain since 2005 and Singapore since 2012. Based in Bahrain, She has been a pioneer in Brain Gym® and Kinesiology in Bahrain and the Middle East since 2003. She is a business graduate from the National University of Singapore.
Noraini is a certified instructor for Brain Gym & Educational Kinesiology since 1997, Touch For Health Kinesiology since 2004 and Rhythmic Movement Training International RMTi since 2014. She is a professional member of the Educational Kinesiology Foundation, USA, the Touch For Health Kinesiology Association of USA and an instructor member of Rhythmic Movement Training International RMTi. In 2016, she qualified as a baby massage instructor accredited with the Federation of Holistic Therapies UK.
In 2004, Noraini was given an award for Excellence in Service to Brain Gym® International.
Noraini is a trained apprentice in “Original Play”™ under the mentorship of Dr Fred O. Donaldson Ph.D. since 2008. Together with Dr Donaldson and team, she has played and touched the lives of hundreds of children at the Syrian and Palestinian refugee camps and orphanages in Lebanon regularly since 2013.
Noraini now runs a busy practice developing tailor-made training for corporate, schools and private organisations and she continues to provide private sessions for families. She incorporates Original Play in her private sessions with children of all abilities with very significant results.
Her vision is to empower each person with an inner sense of safety, love, trust and belonging. She takes each individual as a whole, being full of potential – beyond labels and challenges.