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Andrea Hahn

Instructor, Practitioner
Linz, Upper Austria
Area of Expertise
  • Learning challenges
  • Mental health (anxiety, depression, fears)
  • Personal health & well-being

I started my kinesiology training in 1995 and have practiced professionally since 1998 as a Brain integration::Kinesiologist in the Lernzentrum, a tutoring school, and then later in Linz, Austria where I moved my clinic for children and adults in 2007.

I developed professional integrative Kinesiology trainings in Austria and abroad.

I hold general kinesiology workshops, train teachers and offer tailor-designed kinesiology workshops for companies.

I am a teacher for LEAP – brain integration 1 – 4 and the special LEAP – learning workshop, teach Primitive Reflexes 1 & 2, NEP – Neuro emotional pathways 1, SIPS – Stressindicatorpoint system 1 – 8, SIPS – body alignment programme, SIPS - reflexes, SIPS - VIP, Brain Hologram A, Touch for Health, Neuropressure, AP and the Brain, AP – Floweressences, AP – Dyslexia, AP – Centering, 5 Element Acupressure – workshop, Basic kinesiology trainings…..