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Ekaterina Pavlova

Brain Gym® Movement Facilitator
Toronto, Ontario
Area of Expertise
  • Personal health & well-being

I am a Registered Massage Therapist, a Certified Foot Reflexologist, and a Registered Polarity Therapy Practitioner and Licensed Brain Gym® Movement Facilitator at The Arts of Healing company. My main goal is to assist people who are looking to make changes to their health, seek guidance for improvement, and revive through natural built-in abilities of the body to heal itself.
I started engaging myself in Holistic medicine since 2017 when I applied to Polarity Therapy Program at Realizing Your Potential Education Center towards certification to A.P.P. (Associate Polarity Practitioner) which I successfully finished in 2020. During my education, I had been practicing energy medicine together with self-education in Anatomy and Physiology.
In 2019 I expanded my knowledge even more by applying to Massage Therapy program at Medix college and in 2020 finished it. During my education, I successfully completed 500 hours of practice, in 2021 passed board exams and obtained my license, and became Register Massage Therapist.
Also, in 2020 I applied at Ontario College of Reflexology and successfully finished the Foot Reflexology program, completing 70 self-studied cases, passed her exams, and in 2021 I became a Certified Foot Reflexologist and since September 2022, I am a Licensed Brain Gym® Movement Facilitator.

Since I started my Holistic journey in assisting other people towards health improvement through different approaches on physical, mental, and spiritual levels, I strongly believe that being a part of the Holistic medicine system and supporting people towards their well-being by combining all my knowledge and experiences towards a unique and individual approach for better health changes to every client is my Life Purpose.
Outside my professional life, I am a wonderful mother, I am an amazing and supportive friend and loving daughter. I live in Toronto, Canada.