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Kathy Brown

Brain Gym
Brain Gym® Movement Facilitator, Instructor, Consultant
Phoenix, Arizona
Area of Expertise
  • Elementary Education
  • Learning challenges
  • Personal health & well-being

I’ve been a Licensed Brain Gym® Instructor/Consultant since 1998, and I truly wish I’d had the tools of this innovative system during my 23 years as a classroom K-6 educator. Too often, I could see students struggling to learn, though I could also see that they were clearly intelligent—just stuck. Through my journey with Brain Gym I have come not only to understand where many learning challenges come from, I’ve learned techniques that help to resolve those challenges.

I now share my enthusiasm for Brain Gym with others through courses, workshops, school consulting, conference presentations, and personal sessions. My clients include children and adults of all abilities, dealing with everything from coordination issues, reading and academic skills, sports performance, business issues, and blocks to progress in some area of life. 

My writing about the Brain Gym process includes Educate Your Brain, which is basically “the book I wish had existed when I began my journey with Brain Gym.” In it I offer the simplified basics of this comprehensive system. The articles I’ve written for my blog, Whole-Brain Living and Learning, are shared widely through the Brain Gym community and far beyond.

I teach the Brain Gym® 101 course, Optimal Brain Organization, Visioncircles, the Developmental Building Block Activities course, the Double Doodle Play course, and the Brain Gym® 26 Movements class, and offer workshops tailored to any group’s needs. In addition, I now teach Claire Hocking’s course on resolving retained infant reflexes, which is based on the Brain Gym system.

I am currently writing my second book, Educate Your Brain for Reading, which will be the manual for a course I’m developing for the Brain Gym curriculum.