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Brain Gym Program
Instructor, Consultant
Area of Expertise
  • Disabilities
  • Personal health & well-being
  • Sports

Since 1988, Masato has been learning Western and Eastern Natural Medicine: Chiropractic, Traditional Japanese Therapy and Applied Kinesiology. In 1991 he traveled to the USA where he discovered Touch for Health Kinesiology in Los Angeles CA. When he lived in Los Angeles, Masato luckily moved in across the street from Touch for Health kinesiology founder Dr John Thie`s son, Master Matthew Thie’s house. From 2004 through 2009, Masato learned TFH classes from Matthew, studying over 500 hours(30 times)and became was Certified by him. Masato also attended Master Carrie Thie(Mother of Touch for Health Kinesiology)Healing Group in Malibu CA from 2008-2009.  Masato was also learned Top Ten Pain Releasers Technique from Master Arlene Green (International Faculty of USA Touch for Health Association and Founder of Top Ten Pain Releasers) In addition, he was studied Integrative Kinesiology from Dr Trevor Savage ND from Australia. Now Masato travel to teach all over the world.