Courses are part of our approved curriculum – the content of each has been thoroughly reviewed by Breakthroughs International and licensure credit is available to students. Browse the Brain Gym Course Descriptions and find classes below.

Workshops are introductory Brain Gym training sessions that are developed independently and offered by licensed instructors or movement facilitators. They are a great place to start and are filled with valuable information that you can begin applying immediately to begin achieving peak performance in any area of your life. However, they have not been officially reviewed, and therefore no credit may be applied towards licensure. Search Upcoming Workshops.

Many of our courses are available online. You can find them by typing the word “online” in the SEARCH BY KEYWORDS field below. If you’re having difficulty finding a course around a preferred date; or if you want to bring international, national or regional talent to your local area, consider sponsoring a class – learn more here.

If you are interested in classes from our Movement Based Learning program, click here to view the MBL Courses or MBL Workshops
If you are interested in classes from our LEAP program, click here to view the LEAP Courses.

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